Who am I?

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a new website for a while now, and after much hesitancy, I was talking to my boss who simply said ‘do it’. So… I did.

If you fancy seeing what my first website was like (in 2015), you should click here. Every time I go back there I think I should revamp it, make it more 2020’s, more actual, use it like I should.

But then again… Maybe it’s time to start something afresh and keep this as a memory of what my first steps in the digital world were? Sure, let’s go with that.

So apart from having built a website back in 2015, I am a Digital Analyst working at One Further. One Further is a digital consultancy working in analytics and user research – and we work with mostly cultural institutions! (If you’re one and need people to do stuff for you, give us a shout).

I am based in London, and moved there after I finished my Master’s degree at the University of St Andrews in 2015 – a Master’s in Museum and Gallery Studies (yes it IS a degree, I say with a smile whenever someone asks me this question in total disbelief).

Funny thing is… I lied above: my first website was actually this one, which I built for the exhibition I curated with 5 other people during these studies.

And before that, I studied History of Art and English at the ICP in Paris.

And apart from that… I am fascinated by art and culture. I love museums (they are my happy place – if I am stressed, that’s where I go), I love theatres and ballets, I love art. There is a sort of peace and quiet in art that I love, something soothing, and there is so much to know.

And when I was studying in Scotland, in between whiskies (for real – I am an aficionado, so if you want to talk about whisky, please tell me which one is your favourite), I started getting interested in technology applied to the arts.

It’s not just digital art – it’s more how technology impacts the arts, specifically museums using digital technology to enhance their activity. I love seeing them innovate with digital displays, VR and AR, but also using technology to further investigate art. Yes, I am one of these people who LOVES looking art painting scans, infrared technology, 3D imaging of objects, etc. I really do.

So that’s me in a nutshell. If you share those interests, let’s connect.

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