Monthly highlights – September 2020

Every month I do a roundup of the most interesting items and articles I saw about art and digital.

Welcome to the first DigitArt news roundup!

Every month, I will gather news articles, accounts to follow, things to do, anything that I find interesting in the fields of art and technology/digital. You will find information about everything and anything, and this month it includes marketing, the epic curator battles, digital preservation (applied to 3D), artificial intelligence, interactives, and even a Virtual Reality event to attend…

Cultural sector+digital: After the storm, Medium

Ash Mann was a speaker at last Friday’s Leeds Digital Festival event, and talked about the priorities for the cultural sector in relation to digital activity. If you don’t already follow Ash on LinkedIn or Twitter, please add it to your to-do list, which should be as follows:

  1. Read his article
  2. Follow him
  3. Follow his advice


The impact of #CuratorBattle, York Museums Trust

If you haven’t seen the epic #CuratorBattles on Twitter during the lockdown, you have MISSED OUT. This was honestly one of the best examples of social engagement I have ever seen (along with the MERL’s Twitter feed of course). YMT’s Millie Carroll put together a great infographic showing the impact of the battles on their audience – something to check out. And good news: the battles are back in October…!

Experiences Preserving 3D data at the Digital Repository of Ireland, Digital Preservation Coalition

3D is everywhere nowadays – I’ve had the immense opportunity to work with 3D scanning and 3D printing of objects in a museum environment (AWESOME – something you can see here on the website dedicated to my university project, Treasures of the Kingdom) – and unfortunately, it presents some issues in the context of preservation.

There is a very real concern over how we can ensure that the wealth of 3D data currently being produced will continue to be accessible and available for viewing and interacting with in the future.

Mashal Ahmad & Kathryn Cassidy

How are museums using artificial intelligence, and is AI the future of museums? MuseumNext

Lauren Styx goes over what AI really is and its applications to the world of museums – whether it is with robots in the museum experience, audience engagement (my personal favourite definitely is Google Arts & Culture’s Art Selfie), but also behind the scenes. This article is a good opportunity to brush up on the different forms of AI in museums, definitely check it out.

Museum interactives, Victoria & Albert Museum

I really enjoy reading the V&A’s blog articles – and this month, front-end developer Patrick took the stage to walk us through the installation of the interactive for the Concealed Histories exhibition. As someone who thoroughly enjoys museum interactives and ALWAYS has a play (no matter the age range it is aimed at, and of course Covid permitting) I particularly liked reading about how it came to see the light.

And speaking of the V&A… I signed up to their VR event for the upcoming exhibition Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser (cannot wait for that one).

I think this should be a good preview of the exhibition, a little sneak peek for the curious ones among us.

From rabbit holes to psychedelic mushrooms, flamingoes to hedgehogs, Wonderland is the perfect world to explore in virtual reality. 

V&A blog

Alice in Wonderland is bonkers enough as it is, but now I must say I am curious(er and curiouser?) about the mushrooms, flamingoes and hedgehogs.

Consider signing up if you are interested in VR!

That’s it for this month – thank you for reading.

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